The stank of professional processes

Change up my work environment and my creativity is super charged. Loving Canada!
Change up my work flow and apparently I get a bad case of stink eye

Having worked in agencies for many years, I have a design process that I am very comfortable with. (A little too comfy perhaps!) In my last project, my work flow was chucked out the window as the brief had a strong direction already in place.

Basically, I was up the creek without a paddle. All kinds of objection kept swimming around in my head – this isn’t how it is done / this won’t work!

What years of working at an agency didn’t prepare me for was the passion and clarity that people have for their businesses when they are fearlessly following their heart.

Andrea Louisa Glazier has started her new business Shine on Video, and she had a deeper level of clarity for her visual identity than I could have ever conceptualised for her. So, I swallowed my usual design processes, and we collaborated on her direction, (Andrea, Tricia and I) starting with her glitter sketches!

We ended up creating one of the most loved visual identities from this year. Check out the evolution below.

The lesson I learned from this sparkly project…

The key to creating a solid visual identity for a heart lead entrepreneur is clarity.

The method is secondary, and sometimes all puffed up full of pride.

Big respect to Andrea for making her own road.

You’re killing it lady!


P.S. Have a look at this blog post to get clarity on your own brand essence.




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